Make Your Voice Heard - Vote for Jon Foster in the Republican Primary - March 4, 2014

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As Kaufman County continues to grow and move forward, it needs leaders who can guide the process and serve the best interests of its residents.

With years of experience in public service and a strong commitment to his community, Jon is the right candidate for Kaufman County Commissioner at the right time.

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Elections are won because the people who believe in a candidate support that candidate.

Their support can come in the form of encouraging neighbors to vote for the candidate, donations that help pay the cost of running for office, knocking on doors to spread the message, placing campaign signs in front yards, and in various other ways.

You can make a difference. 

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Primary elections attract the fewest voters but they can be the most important part of the election process.

In Kaufman County, nearly 70 percent of all registered voters are Republicans which means that the Republican candidate who wins the primary will most likely win when the general election to be held in November.

Note: Page may reference 11/5/2013 election. Voting locations for March 4, 2014 election will remain the same.

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News & Opinion

Kaufman Co. 2014 Candidates Listed

Jon Foster is among 18 individuals who have filed as candidates in the March 4, 2014 Republican Primary election. The filing period began November 9, 2013, and ended on December 9, 2013.

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Kaufman County Bond Vote Results

Kaufman County voters approved a 56 million dollar county-wide transportation bond in the November 5, 2013, election but rejected a 19.9 million dollar justice center bond.

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Photo ID Required to Vote

An approved photo ID is now required to vote in Texas. Make sure that when you go to the polls, you have what's needed.

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Kaufman County Races Take Shape

As the filing deadline closed for the March 4, 2014, Primary Election, many of the races began to take shape – several races will see three, four, and even five candidates.

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Mark Steelman - Municipal Management and Consultant: "I have worked under the direction of Jon for a little over 3 years. He serves as Board President for his water district. Jon has always been very decisive. He does not shy away from the difficult decision. Jon is also very determined to make the best decisions for his constituents. He gathers information from the people around him to make the right decision. Jon has never rushed into a decision but he also does not like to let things sit and wait. If an issue arises, he wants it handled swiftly and correctly. I have enjoyed working with Jon and believe he would make a great county commissioner."

Bryan Kennedy - P.E. Jones & Carter, INC.: "I have known Mr. Jon Foster for a number of years. It is always refreshing to interact with someone that is totally dedicated to his community. He has served as the Board President for Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District 1-B since 2010. Since that time, Jon has led the District in a program to repair, improve, and maintain the District's infrastructure while maintaining a tight budget. Jon is a generous and honest man, yet he always strives for fiscal responsibility. Because of Jon's hard work, leadership, and commitment to community, I am supporting him for Kaufman County Precinct No. 2 Commissioner."

Howard Carlin - Vice-President KCFWSD 1-B: "Jon has served the residents of Windmill Farms for six years. The last three years he has been President of the board. He is financially prudent on spending issues and cares about keeping infrastructure maintained or improved when need. He understands that he works for the residents of Windmill Farms as a member of KCFWSD 1-B. We need Jon Foster working for us in Kaufman County. Please hire him for County Commissioner, Precinct 2."

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